Paint Correction

Paint Correction involves a very intense process which involves removing defects and imperfections in paintwork such as swirls marks, scratches, oxidation and etching from bird droppings by re-levelling the paintwork.

Paint correction is achieved by using a systematic application of varying grades of cutting compounds and polishes.

Removing such imperfections safely and effectively is what Autocleanse specialises in Using the very latest tools and specialised products we will completely remove those unsightly swirls, buffer marks, holograms and oxidation from your vehicles paintwork, not just mask them with products containing fillers like other car detailers may choose to do.

Before we carry out any paint correction we inspect the paintwork before and during the process to ensure there is sufficient paint or lacquer to safely rectify any imperfections. We do this by using a paint depth gauge which allows us to measure each individual paint layer. These measurements can also tell us whether the vehicle has had any paint repairs in the past.

Once the correction has been completed we recommend to install a good paint sealant to maintain the new enhanced near perfect paintwork. We are confident to be able to correct up to around 95% or imperfections.




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